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Joshua brings the creative side of Saggio into focus by melding his artistic insight with his adventurous nature. His background working for a variety of media outlets has rounded out his abilities to work in a myriad of visual mediums with a wide array of clients.

​From 17,000 feet above sea level to 2,000 feet below the surface Joshua has spent his professional career photographing the tame and not-so-tame parts of the world. After graduating from university in Alaska he jumped into the newspaper world as a freelance photojournalist for the Anchorage Daily News, The New York Times, the Rocky Mountain News and many more. During this time he also worked as the photo editor for Alaska’s largest stock agency.


Joshua then entered into the world of video when he joined the number one, award winning television station, KTUU, as a photojournalist. During this time he traveled the state covering everything from politics to sled dogs running through the wilderness at -40 degrees. In addition to shooting skills, Joshua began to grow his live broadcast skills, which he later used when rebuilding and running the Anchorage School District’s local television station.


After chasing news and running a T.V. station Joshua joined forces with Lindsey and created Saggio. As the creative director he oversees projects ranging from small print ads to multi-day video productions to running live broadcasts. His years spent in the newsroom where tight deadlines and limited resources helped develop his make-it-work attitude. He can take a vague concept and turn it into a fully developed video series, like he did with the Emmy nominated “ASD: #IamSTEMak” video series.

Joshua’s skills with a still camera, video camera and audio recording are matched by his abilities to edit and produce quality across any audio and visual medium. In addition, he has produced several short documentaries, including a historical film about his alma mater, Alaska Pacific University.


When he isn’t filming for work Joshua loves to travel. He has spent many years exploring remote Alaska, road tripping through the continental US and jet setting off to countries like Canada, Vietnam, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Australia and Argentina. One of his favorite memories is visiting the Giza Plateau in Egypt.

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